Digital Surge Review

Digital Surge provides a uniquely easy way to buy, sell and store crypto in Australia. With an emphasis on simplicity, their newly renovated platform makes crypto as enjoyable and easy-to-understand as possible. Renowned for their low fees, competitive spreads and personalised customer-support, Digital Surge is an excellent choice for beginners and traders of all levels.

This exchange offers an impressive range of altcoins (220+) and some of the best beginner-level educational content around – making the world of crypto more accessible than ever. AUD can be easily deposited 24/7 using PayID/OSKO or POLi. Verification takes under 2 minutes and if you don’t have a crypto wallet, DS provides all customers with a free personal wallet, allowing you to safely store your crypto and enjoy instant trading.

Based in Brisbane, Digital Surge are a friendly, close-knit team committed to building trust and transparency within the cryptocurrency community, taking part in a number of community events to help to bring awareness to the industry.


  Over 220+ cryptocurrencies, giving you one of the widest selection of coins in Australia

  Lower fees & more competitive spreads that can’t be beaten

  A mobile-friendly interface designed for simplicity & everyday use

  AUSTRAC Registered

  Live Chat Support

  Premium educational resources & expert trading advice for all DS customers

  A layout designed to make trading simple & easy-to-understand


  Only Accepts AUD Fiat Deposits

  No credit card deposit available

Account Registration and Verification Process

Account registration and verification process steps as below

Step I - Visit Digital Surge Website

Visit Website

Step II - Fill your detalis in to create an account.

Step III - Once you fill in your details and click on create an account, you will be presented with dashboard as below.

Step IV - Check your Mailbox to verify your Email Address.

Step V -Verify your Account.

Step VI - Once you click on verify your account you will be presented with below screen to verify your mobile number.

Step VII - Now you need to verify your identification. Click on Continue.

Step VIII - Click on get verified now.

Step IX - Click on "send now" to get SMS in your phone from Rapid ID with a link to get verified.

Step X - You can now deposit AUD to buy and sell your favourite crypto.

The Wallet

Digital Surge wallet is very easy to use. You can instantly buy/sell and send/receive your Crypto.

You can choose amount in AUD to buy your Crypto.

Key Features & Benefits

Instant Verification

Verify your account in under 2 mins with no need for uploads or selfies. You'll need an email, mobile phone with camera and ID document number.

Trading Layout

A layout designed to make trading simple & easy-to-understand.


A mobile-friendly interface designed for simplicity & everyday use.


Lower fees & more competitive spreads that can’t be beaten.


Blend of cold-offline/hot storage for security & convenience.


The world of crypto is constantly evolving and security risks do change. That's why Digital Surge regularly review, update & fortify their security system, ensuring your money & information remains protected.

  Vast majority of customer funds stored offline in cold storage

  2-Step verification required for withdrawals

  Highly sophisticated multi-layered security

  Regular security reviews and updates

  Website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (HTTPS)

  All passwords are hashed and salted in the database

  Application credentials kept separate from database and codebase

  Secure server and closed network environments

  All Digital Surge employees must pass a criminal background check

Payment Methods and Fees

Payment Method - AUD can be easily deposited 24/7 using PayID/OSKO or POLi.

Instant Buy & Sell Fees - The fee for instant buying & selling is 0.5%.

Trading Fees - When placing a trade on the exchange, the fees are calculated based on your rolling 30 days trade volume. Your trading volume is calculated every 1 hour.

Withdrawal Fees - DS dont charge any fees for any AUD withdrawals. When sending coins to an external wallet, you will be charged a standard network transaction fee. The fees for each coin will vary based on how busy the network is. The current fee is displayed when withdrawing a coin.

Deposit Fees - Cryptocurrency and PayID deposits are free. POLi deposit fees start at $2 and are capped at $3.30.

The Team

Digital Surge believe cryptocurrency is more than just a technology. It’s a revolution. It’s the finance of the future. And it’s a movement that is already changing the world. Crypto rewards those with the ability to adapt and believe in a better way of doing things. It also removes the need for banks and third parties, empowering everyday Australians and those failed by the current global system of banks and finance.

While some parts of cryptocurrency may seem complex, cryptocurrency—at its core, is actually pretty simple. And that’s part of why it is so powerful. It’s built by regular people, for regular people – and you don’t need to be an expert to get involved.

Team mission at Digital Surge is to offer a safe and uniquely user-friendly way for everyday Australians and businesses to access the world of cryptocurrency. Their platform is built on the belief that technology has the power to simplify cryptocurrency and enrich our lives.

It all began with a simple question: “Why is purchasing cryptocurrency so complex?” There had to be a better way, and so Dan and Josh founded Digital Surge. 3 years later, they’ve found out: There is.

Dan has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and knows first-hand that technology doesn't need to be complicated. He has a passion for using technology to simplify daily life and a knack for designing technology that does just that. He is now completing his MBA at the University of Queensland.

Josh also spent over a decade in the IT industry. From designing IT solutions to building technical teams to effectively managing clients projects, Josh has a wide range of experience and is passionate about cryptocurrency and technologies that can enrich our lives. Josh is also a specialist in IT security and is certified as a security penetration tester.

At Digital Surge we believe in money powered by people. Not outdated institutions. Our team comprises experts in the fields of finance, cryptocurrency, security, IT and customer support. With our combined passion and expertise, we are confident that we can make the exciting world of cryptocurrency safe, accessible and enjoyable for everyday Australians.

Dan, Josh and the Digital Surge team are passionate about building trust & transparency within the crypto community. We can often be found at community events, helping to drive the industry at the grassroots level.

Final Verdict

If you are in Australia and are wondering whether it may be beneficial for you to use this particular wallet for you cryptocurrency trading, the answer has to be a resounding yes.

Users that are looking for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange with competitive trading fees, ease-of-use and responsive customer service can consider Digital Surge.

On top of that, with Digital Surge you can even pay your bills in BTC! This is a testament to the team’s dedication to finding ways to include Bitcoin in everyday purchases.

Overall, Digital Surge is a top choice for buying, selling, or trading Bitcoin and other Crypto for AUD. Cheap rates and a splendidly simple interface is a bonous.

Visit Website

Visit Website

Visit Website

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