Zebpay Review

Zebpay is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is a global cryptocurrency exchange serving 132 countries worldwide. It has been in the business since 2014 and has achieved great heights with over 3 million users and $2 Billion in fiat transactions.

Users can also make transactions on the Bitcoin Lightning Network with Zebpay. Zebpay is a member of the ADCA (Blockchain Australia) and registered with AUSTRAC. Zebpay has created a robust trading platform and will soon become an integral force that will further the Australian crypto narrative.


  iOS and Android App

  Immediate AUD deposit

  Super easy-to-use platform

  AUSTRAC Registered


  No Credit Card deposit

  Lacks advanced trading features

  Limited Coins

Account Registration and Verification Process

Account registration and verification process steps as below

Step I - Visit Zebpay Website

Step II - Fill in your details and cick on continue.

Step III - Enter the Verification code sent to your Mobile phone and cick on continue.

Step IV - Enter your 4 digit pin and click on Login.

Step V - Click on Start KYC.

Step VI - Go to your Email account to verify your email.

Step VII - Once your Email is verified, log out and log back in to your account to complete the KYC.

Step VIII -Click on verify identity and choose country of citizenship and residency and then click on continue.

Step IX - Verify your identity by submitting required documents as below.

Step X - Once you submit all required documents you will see verification status as below. Give it up to 1 hour for your account to be verified completely.

Step XI - Once your account is verified you will see verification status as below.

Step XII -Add your bank account to deposit and withdraw money.

Step XIII -Deposit AUD to buy coins.

Step XIV - Continue to POLI to deposit AUD.

Wait for your bank account to be verified before you can deposit AUD via POLI.

Once your bank account is verified you will receive email as below. Now you can deposit AUD via POLI.

Step XV - Continue to POLI to deposit AUD.

Step XVI - Enter the amount to deposit and click on Proceed to Deposit.

Step XVII - Select your bank and click on continue.

Step XVIII - Punch in your bank client number and password and hit login button.

Step XIX - Select the account you wish to transfer money from and click continue.

Step XIX - Check your mobile device and punch in netcode and click on confirm.

Step XIX -Once you punch in correct netcode you will see receipt as below.

Your AUD amount is now deposited to your Zebpay account, you can check your deposited amount by going back to dashboard.

You are now ready to buy your coins.

Instant BUY and SELL

To make it easier for customers to buy or sell cryptocurrency, Zebpay have created an instant buy or sell feature. This feature allows you to instantly buy cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate.

For now you can instantly buy and sell below coins with AUD.

Bitcoin - BTC

LiteCoin - LTC

Bitcoin Cash - BCH

Ripple - XRP

Ethereum - ETH

EOS - Eos

The Wallet

The wallet is available for both IoS and Android devices and comes with a host of extra features to make the user experience rewarding as well as enjoyable.

For now you can only send and receive 6 crypto assets and they are BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP and EOS.


  Web, iOS and Android App

  Buy/Sell Crypto instantly

  State-of-the-art security

  Lightning Network Transactions

  Self managed super fund

Payment Methods and Fees

Final Verdict

At Zebpay, they ensured beautiful designs which are clutter-free, battle-tested safety and security nets to make Crypto-investments stress-free and fee structures that will allow you to trade free – in the true spirit of Bitcoin. Zebpay are in the business of cryptocurrencies since the year 2014 and have achieved dizzying heights with over 3 million users and $2 Billion in fiat transactions.

Resounding yes from CryptoReview.com.au

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